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Want to Feel Inspired?

Here I am, cat sitting on Cat Mountain.

This is where I get inspired? Where do you find it?
This is where I get inspired? Where do you find it?

This place is beyond simply beautiful, it’s truly inspirational. If I had an incredible view like this to gently wake up to every day, I genuinely believe I could easily create something worthwhile, a heartfelt book to bring inspiration to others like it does me. Of course, for me the first few hours here are spent just appreciating the rolling hills, the winding river, and all the twinkling lights. I am feeling content to just be here. And now the croaking sound of frogs mixes with the rhythmic call of the multitudinous cicadas and the distant cars creating an unusual score for this live film about a typical evening in the Texas hill country.

What is it that I could possibly do that would be so inspired? How does the utter magic of nature apply to this dream I have? And how has this serendipitous circumstance brought me here, right now?

I feel completely at home here; I guess having a dream home like this then seems more attainable. I can absolutely feel what it would be like to spend the entirety of my days here, or some other tranquil, awe-inspired location. My oasis of inner peace might be overlooking a beautiful turquoise beach, or atop a mountain with miles of nature to feed my starving muse. Yes, I can picture it clearly- soaring windows wide open to the inviting pool and spa, which provide the most magnificent view. Always a soft breeze, and at night the clearest sky filled with millions of twinkling stars. I feel infinitely better already.

Where do you go to feel inspired?

Indulge your Muse and Your Senses…
You’ll feel like doing it again, and again!

Improve Your Environmental Life


Going green is the current trend. From hybrid cars to reusable bags to recycling, we all have ways we can easily pitch in to help reduce our carbon footprint. This is an important component of our Environmental Wellness, but in truth it encompasses much more than this.

More specifically it means to lead a lifestyle that is respectful of our environment, not only the natural environment, but also those species living in it. Respect for others living in our environment, whether two, four or more legged is just as necessary as respect for the physical environment itself.

The world is getting much smaller every year; things that happen in other parts of the world have an effect on our air, water and wildlife as much as what we do here. We are all neighbors. As neighbors it behooves us to think and act in ways which shows that we respect our neighbors right to use all the magnificent wonders this spinning globe has to offer.

Makes sense, right? It’s the battle cry of politicians and environmentalists over time, “Let’s leave the world a better, healthier place for our children and grandchildren”. But now we need to think about those children in China and Africa and everywhere.

And we all have to do our part. But what is the most important thing you can do? Well, start with a mindset shift. Think using the golden rule, but applied to all of God’s creatures.

This picture reminds me of a story about a relative of mine, who had a farm and a bar in Minnesota. It was off the beaten path in the land of 10,000 lakes, but I was fascinated as a child because I learned that on the roof of this bar there was grass growing. And one of the animals on their farm was a goat. In a marvelous cycle of ecology the goat kept the grass on the roof trimmed, gained nutrients, and the dirt and grass provided much needed insulation for the building in the harsh winter weather.

A perfect example of respecting nature, animals, use of heating fuels and recycling all in one.  Every creature and plant has its purpose, which leads to growth and health of other creatures, which leads to more health and growth in the natural world, which eventually leads to us humans. We have all seen how reducing the population of honey bees can lead to poorer fruit, flower and vegetable crops due to insufficient pollination. It’s all related. As are we.

Time to think about how what we do every day effects this precious cycle of life. For our children, grandchildren, and all the creatures that delight us out in their world.  Plant a tree, turn down the A/C by a couple degrees, ride a bike or walk when you can, unplug things when not in use, stop paper bills and statements; the options are endless. Be bold, be thoughtful, be respectful, but take action. You will feel better, not to mention your neighbors may follow your lead.