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Give a Piece of Your Heart

Our senses are direct lines to our memories. Certain smells can put you right back in your grandma’s kitchen, or singing around the campfire. Then you are bombarded with the feelings you experienced there.

Songs can take you back to a time with someone special, or a place with great memories. You can travel there in your mind with the music, can’t you? All the memories may not be happy, but they are part of who you are today. Be grateful for them.

Today, as I walked outside in my beautiful autumn-fied neighborhood, I heard a song that took me back in time. I smiled, a lot. It felt good to relive the feelings. It also inspired me to look back at some old writing I’d done, and came across this poem, called ‘you have my heart’.

To me, it’s a reminder to how all our connections with people, no matter how long or short, can have an impact on us. They can leave an imprint on our life story. How truly fortunate! We may not always know how we affected someone else, but often times we can make all the difference to them at that time and place. If you have children, then surely you feel that they are pieces of your heart walking around in the world.

Just as we leave pieces of ourselves with others, think about the people who have helped, inspired or supported you in your life. Isn’t it miraculous that you connected with those people when you did? They left a special piece of themselves with you.

So here’s my poem, dedicated today to all of you who have connected with someone who left their name on your heart. Blessings to each of you for accepting a piece of my heart each time you find inspiration in what I share.

 You Have My Heart

 A humble beginning

chronicles the merging

of two hearts into one


Hope and promise

beckon what waits ahead

in the story that is theirs


In the blink of an eye

the years pass by

adding chapters


Joy and pain

share the pages

leaving their marks


Through it all

 is clearly written

you have myheart


The last page turns

in all great books

much too soon

Go share your amazing self with someone today.

Be More Successful by Adding Gratitude

You want to have success in your life. Be something important, do something that changes the world, even if only your corner of it. Do you know how to do it? Or are you stuck, wondering what will get you there? Chances are, you need a better plan, and to appreciate your life where you are now. Let’s speed things up for you.quotethankyou

What is success, but an accomplishment of an aim or purpose? You dream up goals for your life, and when you achieve them you are successful. The key first step is having goals that you want to tackle. Not just ideas, dreams, wishes, which can get the creative juices flowing, but real goals with deadlines and steps to get there. If you don’t have these written down, that would be your first step to success. Know what you want to achieve.

When you have a plan, sometimes it just stays a plan, much like a resolution to join a gym or lose ten pounds. It sounded great on Jan. 1, but you have to act on the plan to make it happen. What could be keeping you from jumping in and getting things done?

Sometimes it’s a fear of failure, or success. These can keep you frozen, inactive. Or it may be a lack of belief in your worth, ability, experience, etc. You may not know what is hindering your success, but you can circumvent it.

The magic solution is gratitude.

Gratitude is a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. And gratitude begins with appreciating all you have right now. You can be grateful for all you’ve experienced in life that has brought you to this moment. You can even be grateful for all the painful learning experiences in life, for the lessons you learned.

What does this have to do with success? Well, you need to combine the two ideas to speed up your progress. Look first at things you’ve successfully completed in the past, as simple as learning to ride a bike to completing a marathon. Make a list. Then add to it some current ones. Earned an award at work, or bought a new car. We all have countless examples of success.

Now, look over your list of ‘Successes’, and read each one. After each say, “Thank you for my success at (fill in the blank). Make sure you do this for each item. Make it fun. Thank other people who supported or helped you achieve any of them. Pretend you’re giving an acceptance speech.

You may have heard that what you spend your time/energy on multiplies. So instead of spending time worrying or complaining about how awful things are, turn it around and be grateful, for everything. Especially those things you want more of. Concentrate on appreciation and you will be rewarded with more things to appreciate.

Now, go find (or write) your list of goals. Take the steps to get there, celebrating with gratitude each small success. Be thankful for the opportunity to achieve more great things.

Want to learn more about using Success and Gratitude to live the life of your dreams? You should check out my new Project/Course on Simpleology to get step by step guidance.

How Happy Are YOU?

How Happy Are You?

Quick answer, how happy are you, in general on a scale of 1 to 10? A 1 being, “what is happiness?” and a 10 being, “a 12!”

I sincerely hope that you didn’t hesitate to say 10, but I know that not all days can be tens. Let’s see if we can bring up your score, because happiness is your natural state. You just need to find it.

The first step to feeling happier any time is to loosen the expectations of yourself, others and the situation. If you want to be quoteslove

happier today at work, decide to enjoy whatever you are doing. Try not to put pressure on your result, be open to the process.

If you want to be happier today with others, try to look at the world through their eyes, if only for a moment. If that seems difficult, just give them your acceptance for wherever they are in life.

If you want to be happier with your life today, begin with acknowledging all that you have, and give thanks. It could always be worse.

Lastly, the best way to be happier, in a moment, is to smile at someone (if only at the person in the mirror!). Even if there isn’t a reason, share your smile. Before you know it, you feel better, and chances are other people around you will too.

Good job, I knew you were a 10!

An Attitude of Gratitude


Gratitude. We’re usually thankful that the old year is over, and we have somehow survived. It’s now a new year. New Years Day always brings with it a sense of renewal, of changes we want to make in our lives, right? We hear everyone talking about their resolutions for the year, and how excited it is to think about the end results. All the commercials are geared up to feed into the most popular resolutions. Exercise more! Lose Weight! Buy that new car! Enroll in classes to get your degree in one month!

It is so easy to get caught up in the frenzy and the expectation that we all have to start a new year improving our lives. But how often do we really accomplish these lofty resolutions? More often than not, we have forgotten them by the end of January. We also forgot that we were so thankful to be starting fresh. But who says that the beginning of a year is the only time to feel excited about change?

We can change our lives whenever we want to! Really!

It is important to have goals, and to work toward their achievement. but you will realistically pursue only goals that you feel passionate about. Not the Shoulds, Supposed To’s, or Other People’s Goals… But the things we genuinely want for ourselves.

So, take some quiet time and sit down with a fresh pad of paper and a writing implement. Write out how you would like to see your life unfold this year. What would you like to accomplish? What do you see yourself having passion about achieving? It could be as simple as saving enough money for a down payment on a house. Or losing that extra weight. But only the things YOU want and feel strongly about.

Then, read each of these ideals and ask yourself two questions about each one.

  1. How important (how passionate am I about this?) is this to me, on a scale of 1-10?
  2. Do I feel that I really deserve to have this?

If you answer less than a 7 or 8 on the first question, or a No on the second one, then you know you will probably not do what is necessary to complete this. Not unless you feel more passionate, and believe you can have it.

Sounds easy? Or very hard? Either way, to ensure your success, there are some things you can do to increase your belief in having these results, this year. One of them is to live with an Attitude of Gratitude.

You may have guessed by the title of the article that gratitude has something to do with your success, but how? Well, when we are grateful for something, or someone, it sends a signal that this is something we like to have. And when we act grateful, those positive feelings bring more of what we are grateful for to us. So start by showing gratitude for all the things and the people you have in your life. This could be a simple as saying thank you.

By contrast, when we point out our lack, and complain about how  bad some things (and people) are, what do we get? More of the same. It’s a vicious cycle. But it doesn’t have to be. Just be thankful for whatever you have felt lacking. Seems weird, uncomfortable at first, but keep at it, even if only in your head. Before you know it, it will be easier. And a great benefit is that you will start to feel better about your life, and then your life IS better. A much better cycle, don’t you think?

When others show kindness and gratitude to us, it makes us feel appreciated, special, happy even. Wouldn’t it be great if more people took that moment to say Thank You- for holding a door, or for cashiering us, or for waiting on us, or for smiling at us? Yes it would. Well, you and I can start showing more gratitude for all the little things that happen every day. And it will start to have a snowball effect on how people treat us.

And when we start to feel better, more deserving of good things, we will be more willing to work on the steps it will take to achieve the goals we have for our lives. And then as 2011 draws to a close, we can look back and say, “Wow, what a great year. I did everything I wanted to. And I am so grateful.”

Start by practicing an attitude of gratitude. You may be surprised at what it brings you.